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I am an architect and photographer living in New York City. I currently work at FXCollaborative Architects. I also teach at the Rhode Island School of Design in the Department of Interior Architecture.

I use photography to see and understand the spaces around me. “Bilocation” fulfills a desire to know places for which a sense of belonging is spontaneous or a matter of interpretation. Bilocation isn’t simply the occurrence of one thing simultaneously in two separate places. It is also, to me, the layering of two places simultaneously in one moment or image. It is a collision of place, and the creation of a fluid sense of identity less dependent on origin than on the individual. The image I create for Bilocation are themselves spontaneous - time and place are layered generously and intentionally, but without predetermined outcome. And the resulting images are, of course, always a matter of interpretation.

To me, being an architect is also about seeing. It is about seeing forces - identifying, understanding, and designing for both physical and social motivators. This vision, and my belief in the power of architecture as a mechanism for examining societal problems, manifests in my design strategies, research methods, and my teaching approach.

High resolution prints are available for purchase upon request.

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