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Architect | Engineer

Combining engineering and architecture was prompted by my desire for an integrated design process, both in concept and in practice. But more than that, my passion for architecture is to push the boundaries of current building practices within the context of local traditions and expertise. 

I earned my Master of Architecture at Cornell University and my Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering. My Master Research and Design Thesis, Splicing the Weave focused on the intentional temporality of buildings to encourage the repetitive regeneration of a city.  The Design Prototype centered on the applicability of this design process in coastal metropolises threatened by repetitive storms of increasing strength.

Beyond architecture and engineering, I enjoy finding new ways to see the world, telling stories, and collaborating with thinkers and designers who are changing the spaces we create and inhabit.

I currently work as an architect at FXCollaborative Architects in New York City.  I am also a critic in the Department of Interior Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, teaching Design Through Failure, a course focused on Structure and Systems for Adaptive Reuse.

Photography prints available upon request.

Contact:  (e) catherinerjoseph@gmail.com | (i) @catherinerjoseph

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