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To me, being an architect is about seeing forces; it is about identifying, understanding, and designing for both physical and social motivators. This vision, and my belief in the power of architecture as a mechanism for examining societal problems, manifests in my design strategies, research methods, and my teaching approach.  

My Master Research and Design Thesis, Splicing the Weave focused on the intentional temporality of buildings to encourage the repetitive regeneration of a city.  The Design Prototype centered on the applicability of this design process in coastal metropolises threatened by repetitive storms of increasing strength.  This design research and experimental process has translated into “Design Through Failure,” a structural systems course I created and teach in Rhode Island School of Design’s Department of Interior Architecture. 

I am an architect at FXCollaborative Architects in New York City where I work primarily in the high-rise commercial and residential studio.  I am co-leading a number of equity-focused research and design projects.  The most prominent is “Bathrooms for Humans”, a study of all-gender bathroom design, which is published here.

I earned my Master of Architecture degree from Cornell University and my Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from Duke University. 


Contact:  (e) catherinerjoseph@gmail.com | (i) @catherinerjoseph

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